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Welcome to RD Transnational Logistic Solutions Inc.

Transportation Solution Specialists

RD Transnational Logistics Solutions Inc. specializes in forwarding and logistics services, working for all kinds of business related clients.  We  take care of the shipments by not only putting them on board the vessel or airplane in the country of origin,  our responsibility does not end until the cargo is delivered to the final destination.

For some of our clients, we act as “In-house Forwarder”, meaning we not only arranging the shipment, may it be by ocean or air,  we  also arrange the inssurance ,  certificate of origin, etc., as well as handle L/C shipments.

In Canada, we are also a licensed freight forwarder .  We are headquartered in the Toronto, Ontario area and can handle shipments to and from all over the world.  The areas where we are most active are in North America, China , Europe, South East Asia , as well as the Middle and Far East.  Heavy emphasis is put on the Middle and Far East, where we are involved in providing forwarding and logistics services.

We focus on the customer.  To get in touch with us about a rate request, member information, or to request more information we can be contacted here.

Tel: +1 (905) 819-1521